New Zealand mountains are reflected in Domino's aviator sunglasses while he looks out on the landscape from an open-air train car.

About Domino

Domino loves adventure and he always has.

When you grow up at a trailer park in a town called Jenks, America where the biggest excitements were walking to the local Wal-Mart, visiting Polecat Creek or simply catching a ride to the mall in Tulsa, you tend to get the wanderlust.

Adventure has gotten Domino where he is and made him who he is today. How is this for an early mix: He started break dancing in the 80s, then served as an 0331 in the United States Marine Corps. Domino moved to Florida in the 90s for massage therapy as a profession to get him through college and then used his degree for planning events and for building teams.

He has found that adventure has always been around every corner. Maybe that is why work is still play, for a living?

There is always an element of the new and the unknown in Domino's life, work and travels, and he plans for it to stay that way. He simply loves being adventurous, creative and eclectic!

One of Domino's favorite quotes is by an adventure cyclist named Willie Weir. Willie says, "...trips are planned, adventure is what happens when a plan takes a detour."

Domino totally agrees. This is the essence of why he designed his first book to be a treasure hunt. It's an adventure that could not possibly be planned, or duplicated.

Creative always, competitive frequently, and a little crazy on occasion, that's Domino. Maybe he'll see you out there on some path less traveled; on a detour.