Domino officiates non-traditional weddings with a sense of familiarity and brings years of event management experience as an extra bonus.

Competitive Cooking, Treasure Hunting, and Much More

Cooking Competitions

Domino has been cooking competitively for over twenty years. He has won contests ranging from traditional red chili to pie contests and everything in between. He has also won some food art contests.

Chili Wins & Campionships

He has been to the World Chili Championship five times and has been the North Carolina State Fair Pillsbury Pie Champion twice, once in 2009 and in 2011. Domino says, "Having won many other contests, there are so many to keep track of...but I am proud to be able to Google myself and find winning recipes. It is surreal."

Swimming, Biking, Running

After all that cooking, staying active is a necessity. Domino pushes his physical limits in various athletic competitions as well. He has run over 20 marathons and finished several triathlons, including the Beach to Battleship iron distance triathlon in Wilmingon, North Carolina. He also enjoys running on ultra teams in long-distance relays such as the Bourbon Chase and the Blue Ridge Relay.

Treasure Hunts

Domino loves treasure hunts; creating, organizing and especially doing the hunting. COWBOY: A Treasure Hunt is his ongoing hunt project. Until, of course, it is solved. He hid $1000 cash in the form of hundred dollar bills, burying the loot somewhere in the United States. His book is like a treasure map telling a story with clues on how the reader can find the money and dig it up to keep, for real.

Domino is know for designing hunts in his free time. There is always something out there of value he has hidden for others to find.

Several years ago Domino found the Idol of Xi coin when he solved a treasure hunt. It was supposed to be worth $100,000. The company conveniently went toes-up right about the time he found the coin.

Wedding Officiant

Domino is ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery and has been officiating weddings for three years. He loves working with people who want to personalize their wedding to make it true to who they are. Being a wedding officiant gives Domino the opportunity to connect with people on one of the most important milestones of their lives and help make it special.