A photo of Domino's first book, COWBOY: A Treasure Hunt, which contains several types of puzzles, cyphers, and riddles that lead to real buried treasure located somewhere in the United States.


COWBOY: A Treasure Hunt

I love treasure hunts: creating, organizing and especially doing the hunting.

COWBOY: A Treasure Hunt is my ongoing hunt project inspired by an ink drawing of a mysterious cowboy by friend and artist Sheri Friedman. Until, of course, it is solved.

I hid $1,000 cash in the form of one-hundred dollar bills, burying the loot somewhere in the United States. My book is like a treasure map telling a story with clues on how the reader can find the money and dig it up to keep, for real.

COWBOY is available in paperback or as a downloadable PDF.

The Throwback Treasure Hunt: 12-12-12

A few years ago, with the date 12/12/12 quickly approaching, I decided to create a treasure hunt as a throwback to one of my favorite hunts, The Secret by Byron Preiss. I decided to bury a ceramic casque containing a ring and a few other items and devise a hunt around the number 12. I designed this hunt to be solved in 12 months' time, but you could only get the puzzles in a calendar format at the time of the original release. Alas it was never solved. And, it was never retrieved from its location either.

There are 12 puzzles, all with the number “12” as their muse. These 12 puzzles are all you need to solve the hunt and claim the prize that, of course, is buried. Let’s see if you can guess how far down in the ground it is?

New cookbook coming soon!

A photo of maple peach French toast, one of Domino's creative recipes.

Craving to Cook

Ever look in the pantry and think, "I can't make a meal out of this"?

Craving to Cook is a new cookbook featuring award-winning recipes that will inspire you to be creative with ingredients you have on-hand.

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